Why You Need A Dedicated Marketing Person


 Over the years, you have probably learned through life’s lessons not to exceed your limitations. Do not take apart something you can’t put back together. Don’t try to tackle jobs that you don’t have the proper tools for. Don’t try to lift something that you know you can’t carry. In general, don’t try to perform jobs that you aren’t qualified or trained to do.

Who does your marketing? In business, marketing is a necessity to effectively grow your business. There is a distinct difference between advertising and marketing. McDonald’s might be able to lure you in for a Big Mac through a TV commercial or a billboard and make you hungry by looking at a picture of a perfect looking Big Mac. It is unlikely that you could lure someone in the same way by simply placing a giant photo of an 8-passenger limo on a billboard. People need to have a reason for a charter vehicle. Repeated exposure of your company name and logo is what builds business in the big picture. 

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Using Images For Marketing

Photos bring power to your advertising and marketing campaigns.  Humans are very visual and can process a photo much faster than reading text.  For instance, we could say that a Big Mac has two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese and pickles on a sesame seed bun but it just doesn’t have the same brain effect as showing you this photo of a Big Mac.


Photo courtesy of McDonald’s Inc.


Seeing a photo like this can actually make you crave a Big Mac and become hungry where it is unlikely the text description above would have the same effect.

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Your Mouse Might Prevent Online Fraud




How You Hold Your Mouse Might Prevent Online Fraud

As fast as new security tools are implemented to combat online credit card fraud, criminals devise new ways to beat the system or find new weak spots in how online credit card processing works.  Chosen Payments constantly monitors solutions that keep our merchants safe from experiencing a fraud loss.

Many of our clients such as home housewares, limo operators, uniform retailers and trade associations conduct the majority of their business through online transactions so improvements in fraud disruption are an important consideration.

If we go back in time to the early 90’s, we were pretty easily duped by phishing emails and Nigerian scam artists.  We gave up our personal data pretty easily because eCommerce was new and we had no idea how it worked.  This was like turning on a faucet of money for many fraudsters.

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